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Thread: Q&A with Christian Horner

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    Default Q&A with Christian Horner

    MILTON KEYNES, UK Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner shares his views on Mercedes, the 48 second gap, Monaco, plus Sebastian and Daniel's performances after the Spanish Grand Prix:

    On Mercedes
    "Mercedes have got themselves into a dominant position. They worked hard to get themselves into that position. If we had a choice, we either all pack up and go home or fight to close the gap. We've made small inroads this weekend and we are determined to keep pushing to close that gap down. Obviously maximum points weekend after weekend for them is putting them into a strong position."

    On the 48 Second Gap
    "The 48 second gap is slightly artificial because we lost a lot of time behind the Williams (of Bottas), and then once you find yourself in no man's land it is about managing the tires to the end of the race. If you look at the last stints, in particular where Mercedes were pushing flat out and Sebastian and Daniel had clear air, we definitely moved a bit closer, and for sure they were pushing as hard as they could. It wasn't like Mercedes were taking it easy. It's a significant gap the we still have to overcome, but it's great to see we have made progress and taken a step ahead of the Ferrari's and the rest of the field."

    On Sebastian's Race
    "It was a great performance by Seb. I think he really went for it, and he passed pretty much everywhere apart from the conventional place at the end of the straight and he made the strategy work for him. He knew he had to make the passes and I thought it was a fantastic drive by him."

    On Monaco
    "Monaco is Monaco and as you know Mercedes have been strong there the past couple of years and their drivers have always excelled there. On paper they go there very much the favorites. Monaco being Monaco anything can happen."

    On the New Hybrid Formula
    "I think we've had a great race. I think there are areas we can improve for sure as a sport. If you look at the first five races, certainly as things are now settling down. Teams are finding their way on how to operate these cars, and there is some good racing going on. One thing that will hopefully be addressed is the noise. Mercedes are doing some tests this week, but it seems to be settling down."

    On Daniel
    "He's done a great job this year, and he's so calm in the car. He just continues to impress us with his speed, with his approach; he's enjoying what he's doing and you never see him not smiling. It's a pleasure to have him in the team, and the two guys are working extremely well together. I cannot speak highly enough of what Daniel's done in the first five races."

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    You really do have to give the team a lot of credit.

    Shame on Mclaren . . .

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