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Thread: Anybody here going to MSX 2015?

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    Default Anybody here going to MSX 2015?

    Through a twist of fate, I'll be attending this year's North American Motorsports Expo (MSX) in Charlotte, NC. MSX, the North American Motorsports Expo

    A buddy of mine is getting married in Atlanta that weekend so I find myself in that neck of the woods* while the MSX is going on. I plan on attending on Friday (Feb 20). My friend's wedding is on Saturday.

    There are some interesting conference sessions being offered. Quite a few on data acquisition and analysis. I'll miss the Spec Miata conference session on Saturday with Mike "Meathead" Collins as one of the speakers. Now that should be very interesting!

    Anybody else from TrackHQ going?

    * neck of the woods = within 250 miles if you're already traveling from one coast to the other.
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    I may be there, but I have not registered. Going to see if I can tag along with a buddy in the biz. Too far out for me to tell at this moment. I am in Raleigh, NC, though we are expecting a move to Atlanta this year. That could happen quickly.

    Charlotte is a beautiful city, lived there from 03-06.
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