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Thread: Ford GT350R thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by emilio700 View Post
    They are as strong as a typical low pressure cast, flow formed, T-6 heat treated VIA approved wheel. Which is to say, pretty damn strong. Obviously not going to be as strong as a full carbon-fiber wheel.
    One design consideration on the GT350 wheel in particular is the unusually close proximity of the caliper to the barrel of the wheel. OEM GT350 is over built for TUV certification and has about .120 clearance. All 6UL wheels are designed with at least .120 clearance to target brake assembly
    The P6GR wheel we bent was only .090 when new. Considering how much wheels flex, particularly on a fast heavy car like the GT350, we felt that increasing brake clearance was prudent. So we did. Track wheels get bent, thats a fact of life.

    Max load rating for the OEM wheel and the P6GR is industry standard for that pcd, 680kg. We added 10% to that for the 6UL to 770kg. We hope to improve the useful service life of the 6UL on the S550 chassis when compared to other offerings.
    Load ratings don't tell you how much the wheel flexes.Its amazing how much camber compliance aftermarket lightweight wheels have compared to heavier OEM standards, and carbon wheels which are on a different planet in terms of stiffness.

    Track wheels get bent because they're not as strong and resiliant, nor meet the same impact standards that OEMs meet.

    For those who aren't wheel experts and manufacturers, here's a good read:


    Forgeline have a 952kg load capacity for their competition wheels.

    Quote Originally Posted by fe4 View Post
    How much camber adjustability does the car have on stock hardware? How much did you get with the camber bolts?
    You can get to the factory -1.75* by grinding the knurling off the lower strut bolts, almost making them like crash bolts. That's what we've done in all the stest cars.
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    At WSIR today

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    Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
    But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob

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