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Thread: EvoX cooling mods

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    Default EvoX cooling mods

    I know there's a few of you with high HP Evos on here. I'm trying to help my friend out. He has a Evo X MR and is currently getting his engine rebuilt and adding a new turbo. Should have about 450hp or so. Basically, I'm concerned he's going to blow this thing up on day one. Can anyone point me in the right direction for cooling so I can pass it on to him? A good radiator/ oil cooler system that keeps the car cool for HPDEs. Thanks!

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    What's he doing? For time attack, where you only care about 1 or 2 hotlaps, stock radiator might be fine, especially if he lives up north. If he lives down south like me, Summer months will give him problems on heat. Mishimoto X-line, Koyo, and CBRD are his only decent options, with CBRD regarded as providing the best cooling. He should have no problems with a cbrd in any temp at any power level. Also be sure he's running the proper mix (or just pure water + wetter).

    Either way, he won't blow up as long as he watches his gauge. Just pull back once temps start rising.

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    all Evo blows up, especially with built motors. just a matter of when.....

    someone asked the same question about MSM Miata. this is what I posted. same idea, except may be time is a little different..

    look up track record for SM.

    if you are >20 seconds slower, you will be just fine. but you should seal around radiator using foam. takes just minutes.
    >10-20 seconds slower, bigger radiator or oil cooler
    >5-10 seconds slower, bigger radiator AND oil cooler
    >2-5 seconds slower, above AND coolant reroute
    >0-2 seconds slower, above AND hood vents
    faster than SM record. engine will overheat no matter what you do............
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