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Thread: Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger kit w/ Megasquirt for NB1 Miata

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    Default Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger kit w/ Megasquirt for NB1 Miata

    Rotrex C30-74 intercooled supercharger kit for 1999-2000 Miata. This is a comprehensive forced induction solution that is ready for install - still operational for inspection / test drives.

    Tuned by Church's Automotive Testing for optimal all use reliability. Cold start, A/C stability, Temp control, Idle management all in check. Currently at ~9psi 230whp/200lb/ft. Capable of 17+psi and upward of 300whp.

    C30-74 head unit - centrifugal planetary drive with proprietary cooling system

    Megasquirt PNP V1 with Braineack options controller (enables flat shift, launch control, fan controls, a/c control, VICs control)

    400hp rated bar and plate intercooler and aluminum charge plumbing with high temp silicone couplers and high pressure T-clamps

    Protomodel intercooler-to-radiator aluminum box ducting (seals airway to radiator for maximum cooling)

    Denso 440cc Yellow top injectors

    Turbosmart recirculating valve

    HKS filter kit

    Loocated in Los Angeles


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