#1 - Toyo RR 205/50R15 - New/Stickers - Qty 4 - $600

#2 - Toyo RR 205/50R15 - Used - Qty 4 - $160

#3 - Toyo RR 205/50R15 - Used - Qty 4 - $160

#4 - Hoosier SM6 - New/Stickers - Qty 2 - $200 (for both)

Pickup only. Location: Santa Clarita, CA 91351.

All tires have been stored indoors at the shop. Selling because my focus shifted to SCCA events this year.

The used Toyos have a NASA race weekend on them (circa 2015). Wear indictors are still present, and I donít see any flat spots. Both used sets are comparable in wear. Great for practice days. Iíd expect them to last another weekend with my driving and get sticky after a good scrub on track. For you they might last longer or shorter depending on your driving. Excuse my crayon marks in the photos; thatís to keep track of the sets. Close up Photo: