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Thread: Vote for your trackHQ drivers for the magazine challenge

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    Name: Jeff Tyler

    Why: Experience in... Karts, Skippy Formula 2.0 racecars, Formula SAE, Spec Miatas, numerous stock & modified street cars in all drivetrain layouts, and several TimeAttack cars competing in RTAs and SuperLap Battles for several aftermarket/tuner companies. Name a sports car and I've probably tracked it. I've been instructing for HPDE groups for several years now, doing private coaching for several years, and instructed for Skip with Billy. I've driven at Buttonwillow, WSIR, SoW, HTM, AAA Speedway, Laguna Seca, ThunderHill, LVMS Outside Road Course, Spring Mountain/Pahrump, Sebring Int'l Raceway, Carolina Motorsports Park, the Nurburgring, and every kart track in SoCal (Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, Adams, Moran, Perris, Amago, AAA Speedway...) and I'm probably forgetting a few things. I would have a blast representing and would do my best to make it entertaining for you guys

    Cliffs: blah blah blah vote for me.

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    Am I the fastest person out there?

    Am I the youngest person out there?

    Am I the lightest person out there?

    However, I believe I am qualified to take a spot on team TrackHQ because of my ability to turn consistently good laps in all types of cars. I also have a positive attitude and am a team player . You need me to do a Tonya Harding on the pro driver ...consider it done.

    6 Years of Auto-X have taught me how to get up to speed quickly while my 2 years of road racing and over 3 years of track days and time attacks have given me the skill to drive a car hard without overworking it.

    If you vote for me, I can promise you a great showing, a balanced budget and no sex scandal (unless of course you want one).

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    Oh heck, I'll throw my name into the ring.

    name: Steve Levin (you never would've guessed that, would you?)

    representing TrackHQ Northern Divison

    5'11" 325 pounds of majesty

    Seriously... started by tracking my Chrysler 300C back in 2007, bought an SRF in early 2008, and did the SCCA competition school in March 2008.

    2008 season: eeeehhhh... I forget my best finish. Maybe 11th or 12th?

    2009 season: Had a pretty decent year. Finished 7th overall in SF Region. Top finishes were 4 6th place finishes. Also scored a 3 7th's and a 6th place finish in national competition, leaving my 16th in Northern Pacific Division standings.

    2010 season: been a bit rougher. Got into a total of three wrecks Did qualify 4th in a field of 22 cars in the rain at Thunderhill.

    So no, I'm not the fastest guy. Or the lightest guy. Or the guy with the most authority.

    I'd just a fat balding middle aged guy that can supply high quality whisky at the event if selected (see, you knew there would be an upside!).


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    Quote Originally Posted by jnathan68 View Post
    You need me to do a Tonya Harding on the pro driver ...consider it done.
    How about a Lorena Bobbitt?

    Quote Originally Posted by jnathan68 View Post
    no sex scandal (unless of course you want one).
    No Max Mosley?

    Well since every one wants to enter I may as well try


    I hold the trackHQ record for most point bys. I have point bys on a parade laps, on out laps, yellow flags, checkered flags, and tried to point by in the hot pit but the cars weren't moving.

    BTW I stayed at a holiday inn last night but I wasn't sleeping.

    But seriously don't consider me I am just having a little fun.
    If nothing happens and there is no one around why did it not happen?

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    Name: Mike Kang

    Qualifications: Entering simply to see what a complete amateur's time would be like at Chuckwalla with one day of practice compared to highly experienced drivers and pros. Motor Trend recently did a comparison using both an amateur and pro driver.

    S2k challenge participant since 2010 (and one event in 2009).

    Entering at the 11th hour is always fun

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    Hello Everyone,
    Its time to vote for your favorite 8 drivers. See instructions on 1st post.

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