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Thread: Vote for your trackHQ drivers for the magazine challenge

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    Default Vote for your trackHQ drivers for the magazine challenge

    Hi Everyone,
    Most of u already read about the vs Magazine Pros challenge here: VS Magazine Pros Challenge

    We will select the remaining 8 drivers via a two part process.

    Part One: Open to any trackHQ members that is a registered member before August 19th, 2010. For those that are interested, this is your chance to make your impression to get nominated in the Part Two of our driver search process. On this thread, provide your name and why u think u are fit for the job. Please "no discussion" on this thread and make only "one post" per member. This thread will be open for 1 week. Deadline is August 27th midnight. No submission will be allow after that.

    All discussions should be done on the thread that Surfevo started that is linked above. This thread is strictly for entry submissions only.

    Part Two: Voting will commence immediately for 1 week following Part One.
    1) Open to any trackHQ member that is a registered member before August 19th, 2010.
    2) One ballot submission per qualified member via forum PM system.
    3) You can not vote for yourself. 8 votes per ballot, no more, no less. No duplicate votes on the same member.
    4) The members you vote for must be from the list in Part One(members on this thread below).
    5) Voting process will be active for one week. No ballot will be accepted after that. Deadline 9/3/2010 midnight.

    The 8 members with the most votes will get the gig. If someone from the original list can not make event, the next person with the most votes will get the spot, so on and so forth......

    Results are in!
    Aj Latteri
    Billy Johnson
    Charles Ng
    Clint Boisdeau
    Emilio Cervantes
    Jeff Tyler
    Manly Kao
    Matt Andrews
    Oli Thordarson
    Rob Burgoon
    Ryan Cashin
    William Chen

    next 3 on waitlist. You guys below will get in in the follow order if/when a spot becomes available.
    1.Sonny W
    2.Richard Seegman
    3.Mike Bonanni

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    Rob Burgoon

    95 Spec Miata
    ---2009 Cal Club Rookie of the Year
    ---2009 Cal Club SM 2nd place in points (would have been the champ if I showed up to the last event)
    ---2009 Cal Club ITA 2nd place in points
    ---2009 NASA PTE 3rd place in points
    06 Corvette
    ---4 brake failures and cracked rotors in one weekend at laguna... and didn't wreck

    110 track days in 4 years, a 48 race rookie season, lots of collisions, and lord knows how many students (how bout some love, students?). As one of the few wheel to wheel guys I would love to represent trackHQ!
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    Clint Boisdeau

    over the past 5 years and close to 100 days on track, ive come to be familiar with a wide variety of drive train layouts.

    i own both a fwd and rwd car and track both often. Ive had a good amount of experience in AWD cars especially subarus from instructing and driving/testing shop cars for local tuners.

    won the 2009 Redline time attack street fwd class year end title in my focus, and for 2010 im 4 for 4 wins in street fwd class in the ABF motoring Mini cooper JCW on my way to a repeat year end title in class.

    and im light 5'7 132lbs

    i would grealty appreciate this opportunity because i feel it will be a blast, and would be a great addition to my "resume" so to speak.

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    ryan cashin

    tracking street car z06 since '03

    32 at big willow in said street car in '04

    32 at willow, 42 at laguna, 16 at cal spdwy in oem suspended street evo in '07

    Oli's first driving instructor.

    Rescued a cat from a tree.

    track records.. blah blah.. NASA... blah.. SCCA.. T1.. blah.. corvette challenge champ.. blah blah

    Saved old lady from a burning building.

    More powerful than locomotive.

    So much car control skill, that I've never crashed into burgoon.


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    Robbie Montinola

    Experience: Some of those open wheel cars and sports cars... teammate of both BJ and Charles at one point in time. Representing the Philippines and of course THQ =P
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    Montinola Racing |
    Silicon Valley Racing |
    Driver Coaching :: Private Track Events

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    Matt Andrews

    The resume piece is a little funny - I know why you ask for it, but I think most people here know each other. If you have to post your history or what you drive for people to know you, then you probably haven't hung out here enough to represent the forum.

    But I have attacked time in everything from miatas to eclipses, to supras and NSXs. I've done wheel to wheel stuff in hondas, nissans, and mazdas. I'm used to hopping in and out of a bunch of different platforms.

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    Owen Guo

    Some wins in NASA TT, over 10 podiums last season.

    Had experiences driving FWD, AWD and Realwd cars around limit.

    Here is my strongest part of my "resume"

    1. TrackHq Member
    2. Comfortable Speedventure Red Group Driver
    3. Charles Ng's good friend

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    -Owen Guo / REN motorsports

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    AJ Latteri

    - I'm with Matt that the "resume" is kind of odd considering we really do almost all know each quite well.

    -10+ years tracking and a few years on and off in karts. Tracked AWD, FWD, and RWD(FR and MR) over the years. Lotus Challenge series Ultra class winner, a couple years of Redline Time Attack................TrackHQ Moderator(vote for me or else...) hahaha I keed I keed

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    Kenny Chieu
    5'6" 120LBS

    5 years track experience.
    -1st 1.8l class @ 2008 Grip Day
    -Tied with Mike Bonnani in RTA points 2009 season

    I have the same driving instructor as Manly

    Driven the mean streets of LA for the last 7 years with a variety of vehicles from corollas to ford f450's.

    In 2009, I beat Clint by .5 second a few times, but he still won.

    I think Manly's discarded tires are better than brand new tires.

    My car is in the trackHQ banner on the top right corner of the page
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    Sonny Watanasirisuk
    5í-7Ē 150lbs (all muscle, no skin and bones here!!)
    • Former canyon/mountain street racer from 2002-2006, driving anything people let me get my hands on. I started that way because I didnít know any better until I was introduced to auto-x and track driving.
    • 5 years track experience, driving tracks such as Chuckwalla, Buttonwillow, Streets of Willow, Big Willow, Horse Thief Mile, AAA Auto Club Speedway, Thunderhill, Infineon, Laguna Seca and Spring Mountain.
    • Currently a driving instructor for Speed Ventures.
    • Mostly experience with driving street cars, especially Miatas (anything from MX-5 cup car to my turbo Miata to any of Emilio's creations to bone stock ones) but have driven a couple of Evo 8ís and 9ís, WRX and STi, couple of Integras, AP1 and AP2 S2000's and a couple of RX-7ís and RX-8ís.

    Notable mentions:
    • Unofficial record holder for fastest street-driven Miata ever at Buttonwillow Raceway C13 (and 6th ever Miata driver to break the 2:00 lap time barrier), Video: Buttonwillow: Personal Best (1:59.337)
    • Unofficial record holder for fastest street-driven Miata ever at Streets of Willow (only +0.562 from absolute Miata record held by William Chen), Video: Streets of Willow - CW: Personal Best (1:23.270)
    • Relevant personal best lap times in Mazdaspeed Miata:
    • Chuckwalla CW (4/25/2010) (only one visit ever) - 2:03.3
    • Buttonwillow C13 (1/31/2010) - 1:59.337 (street-driven Miata record)
    • SoW CW (11/29/2009) - 1:23.270 (street-driven Miata record)

  11. Competition Experience:
    • 2006-2007
    • Couple wins in SCCA San Francisco Region Solo2 in an underprepped Miata in SM2 Class
  • 2009
  • Miata Challenge 2009 season Unlimited Class runner-up: 2nd place in class, Miata Challenge 2009 Results
  • SCCA CSCC (Cal Club Region) Solo2 Championship Series: Round 3 STS-Class Winner (4/5/2009),
  • 2010
  • Currently competing in Street Class in an underprepped 1990 Miata (using only 4 points of the possible 9.5 points allowed in the class)
  • Three (3) Miata Challenge 2010 season Street Class 1st place wins: Round 6 @ Laguna Seca, Round 7a @ ACS ROVAL and Round 7b @ ACS Auto-X, Miata Challenge 2010 Results
  • Driving to the limit is my goal.
    Winning with Team 949 Racing is merely the result.
    2013 NASA TTD National Champion
    NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill Winner: 2011 E2 Class & 2012 E1 Class.
    Multiple wins in NASA PT and WERC series, with many more to come.

    Cheer for us during races throughout the year and like us on Facebook and Twitter!

    "Drive well and have fun." Drive W2W in the SuperMiata Race Series. Also, see me in action on YouTube.

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    William Chen

    - I own the Trackhq'er track record for Riverside International Raceway !!!

    More likely, it is because I am the best driver on Trackhq. A less likely reason is because I am old enough to have raced there

    - I am willing to buy votes or bribe

    isn't that good enough ?

    where the heck is Oli ?
    S1 Supermiata - 220whp
    13 Tesla, ma: no engine !!
    17 GT350R
    03 Miata Club Sport
    96 NSX
    06 EVO MR
    15 Mini Cooper S
    Beck 550 Spyder

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    YuYen Jaku Huang
    Jaku 峠

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellwilliam View Post
    William Chen

    - I own the Trackhq'er track record for Riverside International Raceway !!!

    More likely, it is because I am the best driver on Trackhq. A less likely reason is because I am old enough to have raced there

    - I am willing to buy votes or bribe

    isn't that good enough ?

    where the heck is Oli ?

    I just got back from racing at Thunderhill, kicking some ST2 butt, taking names, holding off passes, lapping traffic, watching in my "convex mirror" the number two and three spots tangle two turns before the checkered and spin, taking the top podium spot, collecting my Hoosier contingency and driving all night to get home.

    Rob is pressing me to throw my hat in the ring. If I am not racing at Miller or at the SCCA Runoffs at Road America during the proposed dates I will be there if called upon... schedule willing.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaku View Post
    YuYen Jaku Huang
    That is without question the best racing resume ever.

    Leisure Suit Louie:
    -furry chest
    -furry women
    -gold chain
    -green skin from gold chain
    -vibrating bed
    -lots of latex
    -Bois Said hair, but bigger
    -best looking corvette driver
    -low to moderate STD count
    -Jaku the Jackalope is my b*tch

    I will lay down a beating on these sandy vagina import drivers who lack the balls to drive a real car with 8 or 10 cylinders. A vote for Louie is a vote for sexy.
    Please, no guesses or claims as to who I am in public.

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    Well, I lurk on here more than I post, but what the hell, sounds like a ton of fun.

    Mike Bonanni
    - Current 2010 Street Tire RWD Redline Time Attack Points Leader
    - Current Redline Time Attack Street Tire RWD lap record holder @ Buttonwillow
    - Have driven/owned a bunch of different production cars on track.
    - Involved in test driving for many aftermarket parts companies.
    - My mom says I am the best driver there is.
    - Matt Andrews says I am the 2nd best driver there is.
    - Manly Kao thinks I suck though.
    - I drive flat out.
    - I have a custom painted helmet. (As seen to the left.)

    Bonanni Motorsports | Home

    I can't do October 18th if thats the final date, but I can do September 24th or 27th.

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    Only a handful of people know me here, but I'll throw my name into the ring:

    Chris Ronson Jr
    25 years old; 6'3" 176lbs

    Been racing W2W for 3 years now, but I grew up at the track with my dad road racing since I could crawl (and many years prior).

    I've raced W2W in open wheel Formula cars, from Formula Ford to Formula B and now a late model Corvette. My rookie season of racing I finished 4th in points in a vintage formula ford going against current formula fords (better aero, tires, and suspension geometry). Lately in my T-1/ST2 C5 Corvette I have made hard charges to the front including a National race win vs another T-1 racer who doubles as a Professional racer on non-SCCA weekends (I started 18th and finished 3rd overall, 1st in class); and this past weekend I started 5th in class, and came up to make a pass for 2nd place on the last lap setting Oli up for a Turn 14/15 pass for the race lead/win, but was stopped short by the 3rd place RX7 punting me on the Turn 12/13 transition. I still managed to gather up 3rd place after keeping the car off the wall.

    I've gone through more motors in 1 year than Oli and Ryan combined in 3, put me in the car 1st and I'm guaranteed to win be default

    I also have open track experience in a massively under-steering STi, over-steering 450hp Lotus Esprit v8 tt, slow FWD race prepped Celica, and a heavy 400rwhp 2002 Camaro SS.

    I should be okay with any of the September dates, but have job conflicts for the October date.
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    --Chris Ronson Jr--

    T1 Corvette roller for sale

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    Hi I'm Matt Dennison...

    no fancy resume from me... I just enjoy tracking my car for what it is. If I'm able to hit a quick enough time so be it. I'm no pro and have only been tracking my car since I moved to Southern California in November of 2008. No Skip Barber school, no W2W experience (except for L.A. traffic), just self taught w/ a little natural talent...

    Road///RaceEngineering - FederalTires - ROBISPEC /// - OdysseyBatteries - ACT - SPY+optics

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    Frankie Ho

    -About 10 track days in a 2 year time span. Recently been trying to get more involved in rally-crossing.

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    Ok, so Jaku inspired me to throw my hat in the ring, since he mentioned me first as a member of this exaulted forum.

    Richard "Evo" Seegman

    7 years and 200+ track and club race days. 2010 current season points leader in SV S2K Challenge in Stock Class. 2009 Winner of Season Chapionship in CalClub/SV Corvette Challenge -- C5 Stock Class running a pathetic C4. 2008 NASA SoCal PTE - 3rd Place in Season Championship in Miata, in my Rookie club racing season.

    Other Highlights of racing career:

    Known here not only as the Sherrif of trackHQ, but affectionately as "Uncle Rich". I'm older and nastier than any of you muthas. I'm a lawyer and can sue you out of existence. But if the truth, be known, I'm just a sweet pussycat.


    I totalled my 350Z six years ago at the Buttonwillow Performance Driving Clinic. They still talk about it to this day.

    I blew 5 motors, 3 gearboxes and 2 turbos in my '04 Evo VIII before finally selling it as a rolling chassis.

    I had an epic fight with 7s Only Racing and dumped them forever.

    After I die, I want to have my ashes spread over Infineon Raceway/Sears Point. It's in my will.

    I once got passed at SOW in my Evo by an Echo.

    I hate you guys.
    The deposed former Sheriff of trackHQ . . .

    2006 Porsche 997 Carerra Coupe 6-MT - daily driver
    1992 Honda (Acura) NSX 5-MT - classic investment I couldn't resist and occasionally drive
    2004 Honda S2000 AP2 6-MT - track day car
    2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR 6-MT - when I need a backseat, 4-doors, or a real trunk, and still want to haul ass . . .

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    I vote for Richard!

    OK, here's mine...

    S2000 (MOD) times on NT01ís:

    BW - 1:59.227
    WSIR - 1:31.489
    Laguna Seca - 1:41.342
    Spring Mountain - 2:36.077
    SOW CW - 1:24.257
    SOW CCW - 1:24.586

    Tracking the S2000 since 2000
    ~75+ track days over the last 10 yrs (lost count)
    Have driven all CA tracks multiple times : WSIR, SOWS, HTM, Roval, BW, Infineon, LS, TH, SMMR (NV).
    2nd overall MOD class in 2009 S2kC
    Survived 2 LeMons Races (including heavy dicing at Altamont and BW = 7th /60ish) J

    Still test the reflexes and neck muscles with TaG and Shifter karting @ Fontana, Grange, Apex, Adams.

    I'd do my best to represent THQ!

    Mike Tsay
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