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Thread: Tire size inquiry

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    Default Tire Size Questions

    I drive a stock, '08 350Z - the base model with an open differential. It is a great town car and a pretty iffy track car, but I have had a ton of fun coming out with my son. I am not fast but my times are slowly improving from really slow to too slow (high 'teens at Buttonwillow, mid 30's at SOW, etc.)

    The 18" wheels are 8 inches wide in front and 8.5" wide in back. Stock rubber is 225 45 in front and 245 45 in back.

    With my retarded driving skills and open diff, I don't mind a bit of understeer (and a staggered set up).


    Contact Patch:
    How wide can/should I go with the respective wheel widths? (btw: I am still more limited by wussy entry speeds than I am by grip - even with the stock tire width).

    1. Would 35's be noticeable less comfortable off the track?
    2. Should tire profile be the same on the front and rears? (there is no traction control in the base model Z)

    Non Tire Question:
    Without LSD, I get lots of inside wheel spin on short radius turns. Would LSD create a little more control in higher speed oversteer situations as well - such as cotton corners, the sweeper, and grapevine?
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