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Thread: TCR Series - Whats the cost of running a TCR Race Car

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    Default TCR Series - Whats the cost of running a TCR Race Car

    I am doing some math on TCR Asia Series. Does anyone have actual experience running in this series and can share their experience and cost?

    Some basic info

    Car cost:
    110,000Euros for a brand new Civic Type R TCR Race Car
    Official Fuel - 380Euro/60liters
    Official Tires - Michelin Slicks - 380Euro/tire
    TCR Asia series cost 25,000Eur for 10 races (5 weekends)
    All freight transpotation are included

    Each race weekend plus offiicial practice amounts to approximately 500km per weekend
    5 race weekeneds = total annual distance 2,500km

    My main question is what parts are considered consumables (ie excluding brakes, tires, fuel) and needs to be replaced frequently? I've heard drive shafts needs to be replaced every 1,500KM.... which sounds absolutely nuts. As far as I know, Its a basically 70% a normal Honda Civic Type R road car with a roll cage...

    Anyone with experience running a similar car wants to chime in? Thanks!

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    So, $5,000 Euros per event and they tote the cars around for you? That seems like a pretty good deal.

    The wear rate on the axles seems a bit excessive.

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    I'm sure the axles themselves are fine but the bearings must take a beating, and 1,000 miles on race tires and over kerbs might make them sad.


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