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Thread: Spec E46 - the next successful spec class?

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    Many of the cars (E36/E46 M3) I have seen that had the subframe cracks had minor cracking. These were street cars with around 75k-100k miles. The repair itself is not particulary difficult though it is a bit of work to get everything out of the way in order to make the repair. If the cracking is as severe as the picture posted earlier the job becomes a heck of a lot more difficult. The weld in repair kits are available for a little more than 120.00 from most of the usual on line BMW performance retailers. To make the repair you need access to the subframe mounting areas from the top as well as from the bottom. A pain with a street car as the interior needs to be pulled out, a lot easier on a race car with no interior. To make the repair on the underside the rear subframe, fuel system, and associated bits need to come out. The BMW dealer repair involves use of structural foam, not welding. You be the judge as to the effectiveness of that method.

    Good info here:

    All cars when tracked have their weak points, this is the BMW's. Just another box to check when building the car.
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    The cooling system is also an issue. Lots of interesting plastic bits besides the radiator. Engine driven cooling fan/clutch. You can convert to an electrical fan and delete the OE stuff. (Is this legal for the SE46, just curious?) When the fan clutch goes, it generally takes out the radiator too.

    I wanted to 'bulletproof' the cooling system on my e36m3 by replacing all the plastic cooling bits with metal and convert to an electrical fan. It was spendy.

    Fortunately, my e30 already has it (fan/clutch delete) with a larger e36 aluminum radiator. It's rock solid in the heat of the Durty Souf. It's loud, but very effective. Was stuck in a traffic jam coming out of Atlanta last summer, 95 degrees and 70-80% humidity. No problem.

    Besides the curious electronic logic in the Bimmers, they are surprisingly easy to work on.
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