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Thread: Save the Manuals . . .

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    ^^^ I'd like to see how fast Billy could drive Jack's car around WSIR big track.

    I'd also like to see Jack freaking out as Billy runs his laps . . .
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    I prefer the manual. Part of driving for me is skill in using all the controls smoothly, quickly and accurately. Heel/toe shifting is a lot of fun and part of the total experience of tracking a car and a pretty significant part.

    I can see that technology advances and that paddle shifters and millisecond shifts are faster. For a pro competing against other pros for money and career technology marches on but if you are not making money at it then the more control the driver has over the car instead of the car controlling its self is a lot more satisfying.

    If the car has so much power to weight and performance that it's not possible to down shift fast enough to get through the gears before the turn like F1 and other top end cars then it makes perfect sense.
    The brakes are unbelievable and the braking zone is tiny.
    This is why these transmissions were created they literally cannot make the shifts anywhere even close for the cars performance without them. Just imagine trying to heel toe a shifter kart fast enough braking down from 90mph with a tiny brake zone. Forget about it.

    For me it's hard to take any pride and it's not nearly as fun when you do a great laptime in a car with all wheel dive, paddle shifters and traction control that will not allow you to f**k up unless you are unbelievably out of wack.
    Not to mention that you can drive a car like that and make terrible habits and learn very little.
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