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Thread: Samsung galaxy note as a video recorder timer and engine parameter monitoring device

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    Default Samsung galaxy note as a video recorder, timer and engine parameter monitoring device

    Been waiting for this phone to come overseas for a while now and it is finally being released next month through att with 4g lte. The glonas/gps is the first real quality gps to be placed in a phone which means it will be able to properly be used as a laptimer. This gps unit finds 3-4 times more satalites than standard phone gps. The 1280 x 800 5.3" screen means it will easily be readable out on track as well. I plan on triple dutying this phone at the track using the track master app to record 1080p video as well as laptiming, data logging and using the torque app to send back all my vehicles parameters live to a laptop back in the paddock. This way I can have a freind monitor my oil pressure and coolant temps even knock sensors! And alert me via radio if something is up. The 1.5 ghz snapdragon s4 processor and gig of ram it is coming over here with should be more than capable.

    This phone has yet to get a bad review from engaget / slash gear and the likes. Here is the best review I could find. It is for the international version but the att version is very similiar.

    MobileTechReview Forum and News: Samsung Galaxy Note Video Review, Seriously Lovely and Large Android Smartphone
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    Did you get the phone?

    Couple questions....As far as I know, the number of satellites it picks up doesn't affect it's GPS accuracy for tracking. Its the sampling rate of the satellites that will help that. Most stand alone GPS units sample at 10Hz and I believe most phones are 2-4Hz.

    Also, how can you phone stream the info back to the paddock to a laptop while you are on the track. Bluetooth only goes out to about 30ft and Wifi, while much future, won't come close to covering a whole track.

    Can you fill us in?
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