Double Down Motorsports was only able to bring the Double Down 350Z to this competition. Unfortunately a valvetrain issue during tuning the night prior to the competition took the Double Down Evo IX out of the commission and we were not able to bring it. The Double Down 350Z, however, was there and running both the Modified and Unlimited RWD classes with Mike Bonanni as driver in Unlimited RWD and Scott Bush as driver in Modified RWD.

Excited to be back in the swing of things after a dissapointing Round #1 and missing rounds #2 & #3, we were anxious to get started in practice and see if we can better our previous track record set December 2007 at the Nissan Performance Festival. At that event, we had run a 1:48.746 despite some car troubles and we were eager to see if the improvements we had made would get us any faster!

During practice, both drivers took turns getting used to the car and getting re-acquainted with the track, however neither of them could get within five seconds of the time they ran back in December. This was the first time on the new RevUp motor built by Relentless Autosports and tuned by Jim Wolf Technology and the motor held up fantastically! The only issue was that the exhaust cams from the old motor would not fit in the new RevUp motor so new ones had to be ordered. Unfortunately the did not arrive in time for the time attack so we were stuck running on stock exhaust cams. The by-product of this was massive turbo lag and a small useable range of power. The drivers werent feeling boost until around 5000rpm and when it finally came in, it came in HARD. With the rev limiter set at 7750rpm this gave us less than 3000 rpm to try and stay in around the track. During some parts of the infield course this was impossible and the drivers were forced to sit there and wait for the turbos to kick in which cost them a lot of time.

Besides the turbo lag, the car felt fantastic and only minor tire pressure and suspension adjustments were needed throughout the day.

The morning practice sessions were run by both drivers to try and further fine tune the car and their driving before competiton started in the afternoon. When it was finally time for the first competition session to start, Scott Bush suited up and strapped in as he would be up first in the Modified RWD class. Scott went out in his first session and tried his best with the turbo lag, but it wasn't enough to better his times from practice. When Scott was finished with his first competition run the car was immediately back in the garage and up in the air for a tire and driver change so Mike bonanni could take his first of two shots at the Unlimited RWD class. The crew changed the tires and Mike strapped in and went to grid. While in the hot pits waiting to go, the Redline Time Attack officials pointed out a bad coolant leak coming from under the car and told us we could not run until it was fixed. Bonanni headed straight back to the garage to see if the Double Down Motorsports crew could find and fix the leak in time for his first session. The leak was found to be a pinhole in a fitting in the cooling system. Unfortunately this would not be a quick fix as the part that was broken is hard to find. Bonanni missed his first of two timed competition sessions because of the leak, but after a few hours of searching we were finally able to find something that would fix the problem. A big thank you is in order for Chris Rado and the awesome guys at World Racing for providing us with the necessary parts to fix the car.

Once the car was fixed, it was time for the second and final time attack session. Scott Bush would again go out first in the Modified RWD class and he again did the best he could to battle the lag and the car around the track resulting in his fastest lap time of 1:52.053 which was good enough to put him in 2nd Place in the Modified RWD class. Once Scott was finished the team again changed tires and drivers as quickly as possible in order to get Mike Bonanni out in time for his first and only time attack session of the weekend. Bonanni struggled with the car, trying new things to attempt to keep it in the higher RPM range. Unfortunately these things didn't help his lap times like he had hoped and he could only pull in a fast lap of 1:52.581 which put him in 3rd Place in Unlimited RWD.

Although it was a very frustrating event not being able to even come close to the times we had previously ran at this track, it was definately good to be back racing after a tough season. In the end, the weekend turned out ok despite our handicaps and the result was a podium finish for both drivers and the Double Down 350Z.

Double Down Motorsports would like to thank all of our sponsors:
Relentless Autosports
Jim Wolf Technology
Kognition Design
Stance Suspension
World Motorsports
SPL Parts
Megan Racing
J&J Vinyl Co.
Bride Seats / Lot USA
Speedware Motorsports

And thank you to those who helped us this weekend:

Redline Time Attack for another great event
JC @ Harmon Motive for your measuring cup
Chris Rado and crew for the t-fitting
Brian (ShowtypeZ) for being a part of the pit crew
And to anyone else I am forgetting...

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