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Thread: R888 just suck!

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    Default R888 just suck!

    What do trackHQ'ers say? I got a set of 4 R888's. Both rears have such poor build quality that one uses 6oz of weight and the other rear takes 10oz of weight to balance the wheel/tire! I thought I made a mistake balancing. So before I accuse R888 to suck I rotated the tire on the wheel 180 degrees and the weight followed proving that I got 2 very bad tires. My wheels balance by themselves fine and have less than .020" of runout. The other 2 balanced with in 1.5OZ. Who wants another 1 or 2 of rotational mass on their wheels of their racecar? Think about that next time you by R888's. Hoosiers are so light and well made on the tread that I can balance my wheels and just mount tires and not feel any vibration at 140mph. They do suck sealing on the bead because of too much casting flash and sometimes leak.

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    You won't find too many racers to argue that the R888 was Toyo's finest product. That Toyo has developed the RR to take it's place only a few short years after the R888's introduction perhaps bears witness.

    Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
    But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob

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    Worst race/track tire ever.
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    My Hoosiers often don't even need any weights added during the balancing process.
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    I got decent grip on R888 255/40/17. Ran a 1:29 the other day at WSIR. On the other hand, i never ran sticker NT01s either. So, I don't know how much time im leaving on the table. Took T8 at 133 down to 127mph ish. Would the NT01s take it even higher speed? Also ran 1:22.8 on crappy alignment (lots of understeer), think LOTS of front toe in at SOW CCW.

    I have yet to experience Hoosiers R6s or A6s or BFG R1s. Wonder how they grip...Maybe even run 275s.
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