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Thread: Orange County Body Shops

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    Default Orange County Body Shops

    I haven't driven my miata any where but to/from the track in about 4 months... wouldn't you know it the one day I decide to take it to work some asshole in a semi decides to not see me and pushes me through a red light from behind me. I need to find a body shop to take the car to, to get a quote. He wants to pay me out cash but I'm undecided because this portion of hte miata is very difficult to fix... on the other hand I wouldn't mind having 2-3k cash.

    A) what would you guys do?
    B) where would you take the car?

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    We use Mclaren Unibody a few doors down from us. McLaren Autobody

    Ask for Kip. He's done a lot of "race" quality level stuff on our Miatas for bargain prices but also does top quality crash repair. He fixed my Prius end after a semi flung an entire tread into the nose while my mom was driving it.
    Looks like OEM perfect now. The race level stuff still looks great. He'll tell you what they are doing to save costs so you can approve or decline the cut. Also can do little custom odd jobs. Color matched and engine bay for us that had not been stripped bare.
    You couldn't tell it wasn't stripped after they were done. Also repaired a severely cracked OEM Miata hard top.

    Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
    But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob

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    I had some phenomenal work done by Santa Margarita Autobody in RSM. Not cheap though.

    Santa Margarita Auto body - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    Actually seen quite a bit of mclarens work before as well they are great too.

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