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Thread: Open Source Data Logging

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    Default Open Source Data Logging

    If this has already been posted, my apologies. But I got sent this link and it looks like maybe the prices of data logging stuff might finally start coming down. It's a start-up venture where they needed to raise money (looks like they did it), but the idea is an open source approach to what's been a largely proprietary and boutique-priced industry. The idea of being able to use a smart phone or an Ipad as a display (or 'partner' component) is kind of cool. And I know of some people who have bought in at the pretty modest early prices for the basic components.

    Race Capture Pro - Data That Drives You | Indiegogo

    For myself, I just spent $300 on a tiny display for my $900 data logger. Both could (almost, but not quite) be replaced by an iPhone and a $15 piece of software.

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    Something to look into but I've been happy with my SOLO. I'm planning on upgrading to the MXL2 when it becomes available.
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    I wonder if it is a cheap way to get the hard data you need, or if in reality you will be married to managing interfaces and working to get the feeds to work with minimal post sales support. I'd love it if ii worked. But if it didn't, I'm not sure where I'd go to get help.
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