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Thread: New vinyl numbers to shut Richard up

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    Default New vinyl numbers to shut Richard up

    My new numbers are on the car!

    The yellow is a little orangey for my taste, maybe I should have gone for the florescent instead...

    Yes I know my MAZDA is a little off... it adds character

    Soon I will have a sponsor logo in front of the numbers on each side of the car. Anyone have any suggestions on style or color? I was thinking the hotel name, number, city, and another line they requested in white text to match the other sponsor logos. That way the side of the car wouldn't have too much yellow junk on it.

    I'd love to hear some ideas if you have some!

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    I think with those numbers your car is going to be faster than Richard's.

    Once you get those sponsor graphics on there it is all over for Richard. He will just have to count how many times you lap him.

    The hotel name, city and number is most important for me. That is all I need.

    To the right of The Sheriff. Isn't everyone?

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    Those numbers are so ghey . . . Yellow on purple, why don't you just wear a tutu to the races.
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