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Thread: NASA NW won't be in operation for 2015

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    Default NASA NW won't be in operation for 2015

    Just saw this on Facebook:


    NASA NorthWest will be going on hiatus for the 2015 season to reassess market conditions and realign our strategies. We want to thank all of the drivers, crew, and officials that spent the last 2 years with us and hope to see you at track events in the future.

    Andy Tencati
    Rob Kinley"

    With NASA, there were 3 road racing organizations (NASA NW, SCCA OR/NW, and ICSCC). The SCCA and ICSCC have a long history there and ICSCC is probably the most successful of the three. Apparently, the market in the Northwest region just couldn't support 3 amateur road racing organizations.

    Who knows if they'll be back for 2016. Regardless, I give NASA a lot of credit for giving it a go. I still think there's room for an organization that does mostly track days/HPDE. SCCA and ICSCC do very little of that.

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    Yeah, two is probably about right.

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