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McLaren (2017)
I enjoyed this one. Well-made and cinematic, focusing on Bruce and friends, and not too heavy on the rah-rah McLaren factory. The storytelling and visuals are impressive, though the reenactments can seem too uncanny. It expectedly covers a lot of familiar ground - though there are some new interviews I havent seen before. Non-racers may enjoy it too. McLaren: Watch The Film | Universal Studios

The Green Hell (2016)
This one isn't perfect and it's almost as if its two or three films. The origins of the track at the beginning of the film are interesting. The film doesn't pace well in the second half. It's less cohesive and the footage is mostly race starts (over and over). And I'm not certain without checking - it seemed like there was some chronological issues in some of the footage? There were missed opportunities, especially with the modern era period. And how about just a full lap? The movie doesnt quite settle in as a racers movie or everyone a common issue with motorsport movies. It's hard to be critical. It's a subject close to the heart, clearly it was a labor of love, and the parts that shine are quite good. And Murray Walker narrates parts. https://www.thegreenhellmovie.com

Weekend of a Champion (1972/2013)
The classic. This Polanski film was released in '72 and many of you have probably seen it. I just got around to seeing the 2013 re-release with additional interviews w/ Jackie and his good friend Roman in 2013. This is a film for racers, Monaco '71. Its the classic era, Jackie is in top form, and it's a game of spotting who's who with racing legends in the background. There's a tragic undercurrent to this film. To see so many drivers in their prime and the grime fate to follow many of them. In rapid succession. Siffert died violently months later, Rodriguez in '71, Cevert '72 (Jackie's mentee), Ronnie '78, Stommelen '81 and that's only drivers attending this race and doesn't include the many others that died in that era. We're a tight family in motorsports; I cant imagine what Jackie faced with the deaths of so many friends.

Note: my 5-star scale starts at 3 for motorsport movies because bias.

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