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Thread: Miata Formula

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    Default Miata Formula

    All this talk recently about fast, low hp miatas has got me thinking if we could get an easy to follow recipe or two. I remember Emilio posting something along those lines for a simple engine build on m.net a while back. Something to the order of 150-160whp thats relatively easy with bolt ons. I tried to find this thread but could not. Maybe we can sum up all this knowledge and associated costs. Maybe with a couple of "stages"?

    I am thinking something that someone can easily build to, has a high return on $/performance, and maintains absolute reliability. We are talking DD capable that will have no problem for a heavy 30 min session, in the heat with just a swap of pads.

    Feel free to edit or delete this first post if you want to start with a clean slate that is well organized. We could even do one for an S2k and C5 as well, as those are the next common recommendations with respective budget increase. I have no idea on most of these costs are and feel free to rearrange the format, etc.

    NA6 vs NA8 vs NB1 vs NB2
    -Pros, Cons, Budget Range
    -Easy to remove weight without compromising DD manners, expected weight (Weight Reduction 1)
    -Harder to remove weight, starts getting loud and uncomfortable, some $, expected weight (Weight Reduction 2)
    -Custom, expensive weight reduction, pure race, $$$, expected weight (Weight Reduction 3)

    Stage 1 - Expected CW 13 Times (Mortal hands ofcourse, Emilio times are unrealistic for humans)
    All fluids - 500$
    Koyo Rad - 500$
    XP8s - 99$
    6ULs - 520$ + S&H obligatory plug
    RS3s - 500$
    I believe this is similar to the original OGK I used to watch Emilio slaughter the noobs with.

    Stage 2 - CW 13
    XIDAS - 2000$
    Weight Reduction 1
    Basic Boltons (120-130whp)
    Comfortable bucket, something that has some support but is DD capable (think Elise, GT3 seat) - 700$

    Stage 3 - CW 13
    Weight Reduction 2/Stripped
    Bolt ons, Ecu etc. (the 150-160whp formula)
    Aero - 1000$
    Dedicated Wheels with Slicks - 2000$
    BBK, AP or Wilwood? Reduce unsprung weight per corner, 3-5lb - 2000$
    FIA Bucket - 1000$

    Don't know if anyone cares to do this, but would love to see some of this knowledge more organized!
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    Formula for a 150whp engine is

    NB engine (whether VVT or not)
    Square top manifold
    Good exhaust without a cat

    This is without opening up an engine. That's pretty much the max HP on 91. Tired Junkyard engine might run up to 7whp lower. Adding a cat might lose you few more whp. Anything over 150whp require some engine work.
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