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Thread: Kart Track Day @ Cal Speedway $125 All Day

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    Default Kart Track Day @ Cal Speedway $125 All Day

    ***I also posted this in the regional section***

    As some of you may know I recently started working for SSC Racing. We run the Rotax Max Challenge here in the US( I have the ability to put together an all day track day with our demo fleet @ Cal Speedway's Kart Track. I know back in 2005 a group on did a shifter kart day and everyone had a blast. So I figured let see if people would like to get out in some karts.

    In order to make this happen I need a minimum of 5 guys. We can do Wednesdays or Fridays. If there is enough demand we can do it on Saturday or Sunday.

    Our Karts:
    Rotax 125cc 30hp
    Single speed
    CRG Chassis

    Top speed 100

    Cost: $135 all day, includes kart rental, gas, oil, suite, helmet, and a full serving of fun.

    If you are interested please add you name to the list and put what days you are available. Once We get at least 5 available on the same days we will set a date.

    1.Surfevo- Weds,Fri,Sat,Sun

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    Thread closed. go here for original thread:

    Karting Track Day @ Cal Speedway $135 All Day

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