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Thread: Interesting Story on Collector Cars

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    ^ Good point. I visited a Porsche exhibit this past autumn. It wasn't so much about the cars, but the artisan quality and innovative design. The early examples they had on display had really interesting documentation of the genesis for the design and great substance behind the skill to fabricate the coachwork, including photos. One of them took 3 years to fabricate the body by hand, when new. It was a bit mind-blowing considering the form and symmetry of the car for that time.

    You don't really get in to that in American cars much past post-war production. Still, I do know a retired tool & die maker from GM who is restoring a 50's Bel-aire. Not so much for the value, but for sentimental reasons. He fabricates all the parts himself "just to keep the mind sharp" in his barn. It was staggering what he reproduced or re-engineered, like knuckes and parts most people would either salvage or buy new, but I understood his reasoning. Crazy amounts of skill and knowledge.
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