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Thread: GranTurismo 6 DataVisualizer.. at SOW

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    Default GranTurismo 6 DataVisualizer.. at SOW

    This is pretty crazy. Read the article; its not what I thought it was at first glance.

    Hands-On With the Gran Turismo 6 GPS Data Visualizer at Willow Springs

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    It's a neat idea, but will only be used by an exclusive few, myself not falling into the latter group because I don't own the one car that is equipped with a GPS system compatible with GT6.

    I am more excited by the information that SOW will be in the game in additional to WSIR, and that HTM was scanned as well. Very, very exciting.

    The article also linked to the new track maker, will will allow you to import GPS data from your drive through a route or track, and make a course using it. I can't wait to see an approximation of the Tail of the Dragon!
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