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Thread: BMW M4 (lack of) Counter Steer Video

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatbillybob View Post
    . . . They really are bloated "tanks" for our lame streets. If the M4 owner is to be believed that he has only cosmetic damage for jumping 2-3ft off the ground dukes of hazzard style, I would say the BMW is pretty darn tough and all that mass in the chassis is the reason for that toughness. I remember reading about Lotus exiges that would run over a 2x4 or similar and bend the frames totaling the cars! Part of the reason Lotus has or will stop importing to the USA is meeting safety issues which add weight and violate the Lotus philosophy.
    See another Colin Chapman quote below. This bit of wisdom was tongue-in-cheek, but the point was to emphasize the trade off between lightness and durability.

    "Any car which holds together for more than a race is too heavy."

    Colin Chapman
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellwilliam View Post
    Big HP car manufacturers need a button that says "burn rubber"

    Most drivers can't handle the power without TC BUT they need TC off to burn rubber. So a semi TC setting that let you burn rubber without crashing
    The 2015 Mustang already has that button!

    Here's Your First Officially Sanctioned 2015 Ford Mustang Burnout Video
    The 2015 Ford Mustang has this feature called Line Lock, which we know as burnout control. This is how it works. Smoky burnouts are now the norm.

    The intention of Line Lock, which is in the Track Apps suite, is to heat up the tires before a launch at a drag strip and definitely not for hooligans to do on public roads to try and impress their friends before crashing into a line of trees.

    What it does is lock the front brakes fully while leaving the rear brakes disengaged. This gives you a perfect smoky burnout every single time, with white smoke and testosterone shooting off the rear tires.

    Line Lock is essentially the Mustang GT's mating call, the way it shows dominance over other, lesser pony cars. It can also make a ham fisted moron into a lead footed dynamo.

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    @ This guys post explaining what happened,,,

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

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    swiped from another post here


    Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
    But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbird View Post
    There's nothing in the current BMW lineup that does anything for me.
    It just looks like a giant mess, as if they are trying to fill every niche with something, even if that niche barely exists.. I'm almost surprised that they don't make a lifted Z4 wagon.
    Actually, BMW has something for everyone. Kudos to BMW to risk expanding their line so that we drivers don't have to suffer too may compromises. My wife's luxo X3 with smaller engine is a perfect town car for here that our moms can get in and out of easily. My brother's X3M is a hot suv that can take his carbon race bikes while his Z4 is his personal sportscar. My daughters 328I sedan is the perfect safe sporty tool for a newish driver on her own at college with nose to tail warranty. I will never get that call, "dad the mechanic says my xyz is broken and it is going to cost $2000 what do you think?" BMW baby...free bumper to bumper maintenance including brakes, oil and wiper blades. There will be more BMW's in my future.

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