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Thunderhill is an awesome track. I like it better than Laguna Seca or Sears Point (but not as much as Willow, honestly). Your car should really scoot at Thunderhill, too, since horsepower helps a lot coming off of the 2nd gear turns that lead onto onto both of its straights. (But be careful in 9 and 2 in an AWD car -- that's where the rollovers tend to happen.)

Good luck at Nationals. I've got friends who've been going there since NASA started it, and they always have a blast.
Thanks Jack. Ill touch base with you when i get back from Nationals. Ill post my usual results thread in our socalevo forum, but since its Nationals im sure it will be more in depth. Ill forward you the link when its done. If you dont hear from me by the end of September, drop me a line.