2018 Trackhq F1 Challenge #4, Azerbaijan, April 29th !!!
Year-end winner will receive $200 cash ($100 from me, $100 from Trackhq, plus side pot if you are in it) !!!
The qualifying time is 6 am Saturday, Pacific time

The basics of this game are simple. Pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each Formula 1 Grand Prix race throughout each year. Points will also be awarded for qualifying and teammate war, sometimes a bonus question.

# So here are the rules:

1. Picks must be in by no later than the start time of qualifying. Start times may vary. note some TV broadcasts are not live. I am not responsible for posting correct time for the start of qualifying.

2. You can make changes to your posts via later posts, but needs to be in before qualifying, see #1. Will use your latest post.

3. Podium / Qualifying positions are 1st, 2nd and 3rd, as that's the drivers that are physically standing on podium after each race/qualifying (or in interviewing room if no podium). Other positions are determined by immediate TV broadcast before the show is over. Not by FIA after the race is long over.

4. 4 point - Picked the driver in the correct podium position

5. 2 point - Picked the driver in the wrong podium position

6. 6 bonus point - Trifecta/hat-trick for getting all 3 top drivers in their correct podium positions.

7. 2 point - Picked the driver in the correct Qualifying position

8. 1 point - Picked the driver in the wrong qualifying position

9. 3 bonus points - Trifecta/hat-trick for getting all 3 top drivers in their correct qualifying positions.

10. 1+ point - picked a driver that finish ahead of its driver war mate. If both drivers retires, it is whomever done the most laps. If they takes each other out (or 2 separate incidents with same lap counts) in the same corner. It is consider a tie. no points are awarded.

11. We are counting points from your best 17 rounds (assuming a total of 20 rounds, N-3)

12. no double entries for the same driver (example: can't pick Hamilton for both P1 and P2). penalty for double entry is -10 points.

13. if there is a tie in team points. Whichever team has the highest finished driver wins.

14. in Driver war: both drivers must start the race

PLEASE USE THIS TEMPLATE: if you need to make a change, please copy the WHOLE template. I will use your latest pick. you can always change it before qualifying:


Driver war
Vettel vs. Hamilton (2 point for Vettel, 2 point for Hamilton)
Raikkonen vs. Bottas (2 point for Raikkonen, 2 point for Bottas)
Ricciardo vs. Verstappen (1 point for Ricciardo, 2 point for Verstappen)
Hulkenberg vs. Alonson (1 point for Hulkenberg, 1 point for Alonso)

Bonus questions:
Highest finishing team of the rest (no Mercedes, no Ferrari, no Red Bull - team of fastest car) ? (2 point)
Will Toro Rosso finish top 10 ? (2 point)
Will McLaren finish top 8 ? (2 point)
Will HAAS finish top 10 ? (2 point)