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Thread: 1st Place-Macau GT 2009 on board

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    Default 1st Place-Macau GT 2009 on board

    Keita Sawa of Japan driving Lambo GT3 winning Darryl O'young of Hong Kong driving Porsche GT3 Cup-S by 1 sec. Darryl drove the #!#$ out of the porsche as it's underpower compared to the Lambo and he simply couldnt make a pass on the Lambo up in the hill section due to the width of the Lambo is more than half of the track width. Overall a great race to watch from the outside.

    Here's Sawa's in car video

    Formation lap which you may skip:

    Watch 6:05, the infamous mirror scrap, that corner also killed a lot of WTCC car's side mirror, not the speed tho.


    Only if sooner than later, someone gives me a chance to drive there in one of these GT cars(closed mountain roads + street course = my kinda race)
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    how does anyone get a chance to pass?

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