Hello everyone,

I joined the forum after long time lurking as a visitor.

Recently I ran at Buttonwillow Raceway Park during a private event after being away from track scene for past few years,
and finally managed to record a video of myself driving somehow.
Figured while I have the video, might as well get some advice from experts here at TrackHQ and find out where I can improve to be faster.

Video below shows my fastest lap of the day, 2:01.25, recorded by Harry's Laptimer App.
Predictive lap shows 2:00.0, I know I am little slower than I should be through few turns (Cotton, Phil Hill for example)

Long story short, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Car being driven is AP2 Honda S2000.
Mods are basic bolt-ons (test pipe, exhaust), Wing, splitter, 2way coilover, 17x10 squared setup with 255 width RE71-R tires, OS Giken LSD and 4.44 FD, ECU tune so VTEC comes in at 4200.

(sorry for bright video failed to adjust WB)