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Thread: Head/Neck Restraints for Street Cars (3pt Seat belts)

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    Default Head/Neck Restraints for Street Cars (3pt Seat belts)

    The purpose of this thread to gather the options for drivers who are presently using a stock 3pt retractable seat belt. If that doesn't apply to you, I'm sure you have friends who are in this situation - share the knowledge and educate.

    I haven't made any attempt to compare these to the effectiveness of a Hans like device. There are many experienced drivers that say there is no substitute for a cage, halo seat, head restraint, roll bar padding, fire system etc. - let's not debate that here. I did make some calls to manufactures for info on applications. There is some information needs to be filled in.

    We have many vendors on this site that I'm sure are happy to help. Vendors and manufactures are encouraged to respond with advice.

    Tethered Solutions

    Simpson FIA Hybrid
    Designed to 3pt compatible. Only the FIA is specified as 3pt compatible.
    FIA Hybrid - also 3-Point Belt Compatible: Simpson Race Products

    Collar Solutions

    Team Valhalla Racing 360
    Similar to a Hans, without helmet tethers.
    360 Plus Device by Team Valhalla Racing | Team Valhalla Racing

    EVS R4 *
    EVS Sports

    Leatt Neck Brace Kart *
    Neck Brace Kart - Motorsports - Neck Braces | Leatt® | Protective Neck Braces, Body Armour & Sports Gear

    Protection level is likely less of other solutions. The wide platform and dual density foam make these better than other foam collars.
    Sparco USA $140
    Sparco USA $110

    Generic Soft Foam Donut Style
    The level of protection has been debated. Caution with versions of these collars that tend to be narrower and of a softer foam. These versions are at risk of becoming a fulcrum if the helment tips over.
    Typically $30-$50.

    * It's not clear if these moto and/or kart solutions will work with a car seat back. Speak with the manufactor to confirm and report back here.

    Reference: Harness-based solutions
    Requires left/right shoulder straps, not compatible with 3pt belts.

    Hans NASCAR Safety | Simpson | Car Racing Safety Belts, Restraints $500-1100
    Hybrid NASCAR Safety | Simpson | Car Racing Safety Belts, Restraints $500-1200
    Leatte MRX Pro Head & Neck Restraint MRX Pro - Motorsports - Neck Braces | Leatt® | Protective Neck Braces, Body Armour & Sports Gear $550
    Necksgen Rev http://www.necksgen.com $600
    Z-Tech Series 1a Z-Tech Sports $400

    Expiration - if you're reading this after 2017, assume OP is out of date and newer/better options exist.

    On the fence about buying a head/neck restraint device? Consider that you can buy one new now, and sell it later when your done and get a chunk of money back (perhaps when you have a caged race car).
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    At the Mustang GT350/R track test organized by Ford at Laguna Seca, they had us wear devices similar to the Simpson at the top of the list.
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    thanks for researching this.
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    I'm curious why you would need an HNR device if you are running stock belts? Assuming the car is somewhat modern and has an airbag, the purpose of that airbag to is slow the rate of acceleration of the head and body during a crash. For a caged car with no airbags, the HNR would serve the same purpose in conjunction with a multipoint harness. Definitely not an expert on this but that is how I understand it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msmdude View Post
    I'm curious why you would need an HNR device if you are running stock belts?.
    I've also wondered about this. It seems like you only hear about basilar skull fractures in motorsports with harnesses, not in street car accidents with 3 point belts. I think you're right that airbags are a large part of that.

    Part of me wonders if the claim that the hybrid works with 3-point belts is just something the marketing team ran with when they realized none of the other H&NR designs could even begin to make that claim.

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    Default Frontal head restraints and side impacts

    Caveat: I work for HANS Performance Products, inventors and marketers of the HANS Device. Thank you for the opportunity to post in this forum. Here is the most current information on Frontal Head Restraints and Side Impacts:


    1. All FIA and SFI certified frontal head restraints offer protection from zero to 30 degrees offset. No FHR provides complete protection in side impacts beyond 30 degrees. For complete side impact protection head surrounds, full containment seats or side nets should be your primary means of protection.

    2. What defines side impact? If you mean someone hitting your door at 90 degrees but the manufacturer means slightly offset from head on you are not talking about the same thing and you may not receive the level of protection you expect.

    3. Anecdotal evidence shows lateral head surrounds, full containment seats or side nets must be used to provide protection from side impacts; while your frontal head restraint provides protection from zero to thirty degree offset impacts.

    4. The Simpson 360 degree approach to cockpit safety - harness, helmet, suit, seat, nets and head restraint has been proven to provide exceptional levels of safety in your race car.

    For use with OEM belts as the OP discussed, only the Simspon Hybrid has been tested and shown to provide protection in these situations.
    Here is a link to that product: FIA Hybrid - also 3-Point Belt Compatible: Simpson Race Products
    Please note the soft donut mentioned is a comfort device and not a safety product. Many respected researchers think these make frontal impacts worse, as the small amount of mass they add is multiplied by the deceleration forces.

    If you have any other concerns about cockpit safety it would be my pleasure to help. Please contact me directly. Thank you,
    Gary Milgrom, VP
    HANS Performance Products
    gmilgrom (at) teamsimpson (dot) com
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    My interest in 3pt belt compatibility would stem from my time in a pupil's car, which are often daily driven street cars. As a passenger in some cars, the airbags can be switched off, or missing altogether.
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    Yer pal,

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    Just saw this photo this morning from Necksgen Facebook. From PRI show.
    It's the Necksgen REV but with a wearable harness?

    EDIT They responded back and said NO it's not. Not sure why they have the belts routed like that - just for display purposes?
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