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Thread: SoCal SuperMiata thread

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    [Joe: good seeing your boy winning Mazda Teen Challenge at MRLS, and most likely 2014.

    to counter your point: I think your team cost is higher than what Emilio listed.

    1. you drive a BIG SEMI that needs a commercial license. you have an f*ing elevator (whatever you call that) in your trailer !!!!! (we call it a lift for a stacker trailer)

    No commercial license needed it's an RV !

    2. 100% of our pit vehicles are a scooter (one you kick with your feet !! ), you drive a moded golf cart !!!

    Yep the golf cart is a relic from when we got real sponsorship money to go racing...(it used to have a huge stereo and SPARCO seats! The sponsor used it for their "spokes models" to go around and promote their product It was a huge hit at Sebring!)

    3. your kid is a talent, winning races. There is only ONE winner per race, taking most of contingencies. For every podium finisher, there is 10 SM mid packs and 10 SM back markers (NORCAL ratio is even worse, more like 1 podium finisher for every 20 mid pack and 20 back markers).

    He did not start as a talent, hard work, data crunching, two family coaches(LOL) and talent has gotten him to this point Just FYI Hoosier pays to 10th at majors.....Toyo pays 1-5 and 10-15. Also hawk pays 1-3, Summit pays 1-3 and others

    4. 95% of SM drivers do not have a pit crew. you have 2 very experienced pit crews (you and your brother)

    5. you rebuild your own engine !!! 99% of SM drivers pay someone else $3,000 to $7,000 to rebuild their engines

    Agree we rebuilt it using that.....you have an f*ing elevator (whatever you call that) in your trailer !!!!! (we call it a lift for a stacker trailer) MRLS last Saturday with Joey doing most of the work! Also used a junkyard bottom end with a good head! Ran 45's in the practice session . Joey is 20 when he started at 17 he could barely turn a wrench, now he is the main wrench and his uncle and I heckle him and help when needed. Persitance and desire

    6. you rebuild your own transmission !!! 99.999999999% of SM drivers pay someone else rebuild their transmission


    7. you never told me. but I bet you guys rebuild your own diff, mount your own tires, build your own cage !!!! damn, you guys have talents, most don't !!!!!! (is my jealousy showing ? )

    Agree and yes, been doing this along time LOL started racing miata's in 1994 before I ate some one and can't fit in the car to drive anymore! Joey has also had coaching from his uncle and I who have both been on the podium won imsa races... LOL!

    you need to factor in engine and transmission rebuild cost. your 2 experiences crews cost, your semi truck's fuel cost and its wear and tear, contingency cost, your golf cart's battery cost.... I bet your cost is way more than what Emilio has posted.

    Actually you would be suprised. The toter and hauler are 15 years old from when we had a World Challenge team and a relatively big sponsor. We use that rig to haul other peoples cars to the track to offset expenses. The rigs operating costs are about double my F250 which we use when we dont have anyone offsetting costs of big rig

    Trans rebuild is our preference but more expensive than a Craigslist trans or a 949 swapmeet trans which is what most spec miata guys use, I just helped a spec miata guy find a diff this week and he finished 3rd at Buttonwillow!

    Heck, I am willing to bet your "trailer" cost more than ALL the trailers combined in any given SPM race.

    Doubt that but you never know.. In 200o we bought the package for 90K It is now 14 years old. We financed it and paid it off one of the few assets from 6 years of running world challenge with a real sponsor.

    QUOTE=Richard EVO;122416]Backpeddler . . .[/QUOTE] Hey Richard, I actually answered the questions above in my reply to William, Each answer is hidden in the box at the end of the question, I am an old fat racer not too great on the computer LOL I coppied and pasted tthem above to make it easier for all to see. My goal here is to not make this about me! I am an idiot who is helping his son chase his dreams, I feel that is my job as a parent, we can't all do it with money or 50K S2000's (I'm just kidding, but that is the kind of remark I see on this forum all the time about Spec Pinata)....I do belive spec pinata is the correct derogatory name for the class!

    I also don't take myself to seriously as those who know me can attest. We also help many people throughout the paddock that need help, I am somewhat of a nice guy, but fight when I see something that may affect participation,

    I LIKE SUPER MIATA and wll most likely run some races at some point, I like the hard long lasting tire! I actually was the guy responsible for the king of hard long lasting tires(IN my opinion) the Toyo Ra1 when I worked for Toyo. Did all the testing driving worked with the tire engineers and traveled to Japan to perfect it. My proudest moment is that tire is still being used and we launced it over 23 years ago!

    I also know William was also giving me a hard time! I think he has seen my sarcastic sense of humor......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard EVO View Post
    Backpeddler . . .
    I do know Joe is a hairdresser... you happy ?
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    Default 2014 SuperMiata Season finale - Streets of Willow 11/01-2/2014

    How we do our inverted grids in back to back standing start races

    Good battle between Joe and Sonny

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    Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
    But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob

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