Attention rallycross drivers! Registration is now open for Glen Helen Practice and Championship #1 on February 3rd to 4th. Please follow these links to register:

Number Reservation:

Official website: SCCA CalClub RallyX - Southern California's RallyCross Program
Facebook Event:

There has been several changes for this year's Glen Helen series. The event chairmans and organizers held a meeting on November 2017 to discuss the 2018 season. Here is what's new this year:

SCCA has added 2 new classes to the SCCA RallyCross program; Open Two Wheel Drive(02) and Open All Wheel Drive(O4). This class allows dune buggies, sand rails, tube frame/chassis vehicles, kit cars, and similar types of custom built vehicles to compete. Engine must be naturally aspirated and no more than 4 cylinders or 2 rotors. Motorcycle/ATV/UTV engines are not allowed. Roll cages are required. For more details, please read the updated 2018 SCCA RallyCross rules book

SCCA has made several changes to the stock classes so be sure to look at the rules book.

We are combining modified front and rear wheel drive into modified 2 wheel drive.

California Rally Series P-Stock and Group-2 log booked rally cars are now allowed to compete in prepared 2 wheel drive. CRS Group-5 must compete in modified 2 wheel drive.

10 cone dnf is now a standard for all championship events this year.

There has been an increase of $5 to entry fees due to no sponsorship this year.

All drivers registering the event as an SCCA member must provide their SCCA number during pre-registration and check-in. SCCA memberships must be valid during the event.

Jayson Woodruf has given me the responsibility to manage the rallycross program. Most of you all heard about Jay's van been stolen along with all the autox/rallyx equipment. Jay has donated a TON of cones for our rallycross program along with misc electornics. I have acquired all new timing equipment to ensure that our region continues to have a successful championship series. Jayson will be our primary safety steward for February's event.

We will NOT have any loaner helmets available for the first event. I am in contact with several businesses to see if they can help us out. If you have an extra helmet available that you would like to donate or let others borrow, please let me know and we can set something up.

I would like to thank Jayson for giving me this opportunity and I wish him the best at his future endeavors. I will do my best to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time at our rallycross events.

A new instagram social media account has been created to showcase our race series. Please follow @calclubrallyx and use hash tag #calclubrallyx at our events.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me or simply reply to this post.

Now, let's get those WheelsDirty !!!