Post only your PB laptime on this thread. Make a new thread if you want to start a discussion. I will update this list periodically. When the list is full, please don't submit your time if it is slower then the last person on the list. Also, i will delete your post after your info is updated on the list to keep the thread clean.

You are only allow to submit your own laptime. 1 entry per driver per track config. I will only list your fastest time if more then 1 entries are submitted by the same driver.

Please include info in the following format:

track config if necessary; laptime (name; car; tires; HP(crank otherwise stated)/Weight(w/o driver otherwise stated); Month/Yr; optional link to Video or time sheet)

BW#13CW; 1:22.323 (Mika Hakkinen; McLaren MP4; Michelin Soft; 800whp/1,300lbs w/driver; Dec/01)

Note: The .x's submitted with your times will be equivalent to a digit 9.

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Top 25 FIR Main Lap Times
  1. 1:05.310 (Andy Kern; 2008 Lotus 211; Hankook Z214/C71; 255bhp/1,850lbs w/driver; Apr 11, Video)
  2. 1:07.482 (Clint Boisdeau; 04 WRX; RE11; 550whp/2930lbs w/driver; APR 11)